Beth Snapp

Schedule To Be Announced

“Beth Snapp’s music always has something to say, but with her new single “Something To Prove” she goes well beyond. A welcome respite from the downcast demeanor many folks have been left with as the pandemic takes its toll.

“It all started when Dave [Eggar] mentioned a question he had been asked in 2020,” Snapp recalls. ‘Who do you want to be on the other side of this?’ … How will you be able to say you spent your time? how did you grow as an individual, and what will you be able to take with you into a new era?”

For Snapp, it was a prospect that was well worth pondering. “This was an important question for me, because like so many people, I felt that although the pandemic had brought my life to a half in so many ways, it also gave me the potential to find some kind of catalyst for positive change. So much had been stripped away — our social support systems, the musical community and a good portion of my income included — but at the same time, stripping away some of the distractions led me to see that I was also getting an opportunity for a re-do, and I really wanted to make the most of it. I also found myself working as an OT in the COVID units, and that in itself shifted my views on the frailty, temporality, and importance of living life.”

By finding her own way through the haze, Snapp also found a way to share those possibilities with everyone else.