Ed Snodderly

Wednesday - Writers Round 5:00pm

Downtown Stage

Saturday 10:00am

Bullitt Park

Ed Snodderly is a songwriter with a strong Appalachian sense of place. His songs ring in the old, the odd and in a non-sentimental way. Ed calls it American Southern, “cause that sounds really cool, like that new hillbilly approach.” The charts call it Country/Americana.

An upbringing in the mountains of East Tennessee lends to the ideas of his twists and turns with his lyrics.
The songs are familiar but cross-pollinated with mountains and radio stations. You could say some of his songs are a giving back to the culture; an appreciation of; and in the same breath recognize a creative way that brings the modern into view, just what is needed for his style of song.

Awarded in 2020 for a lifetime achievement award presented to him from SERFA (Southern Region Of Folk Alliance) for his contributions to southern folk music.

The third verse in his song, “The Diamond Stream”, is permanently displayed on the Wall Of Honor at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee.

It reads……

“So take down your box and bow

And play the strings

Whisper up your own travelin’ tune

Listen to the sound that the water makes

In the Diamond Stream

The Diamond Stream”.

Ed is co-founder of The Down Home, a world renowned music venue in Johnson City, Tennessee.

You’ve most likely have seen him on the silver screen as the Village Idiot in “O Brother! Where Art Thou”?

Missy Raines (Basket of Singing Birds, Magnolia), Sam Bush (Majestic), Jerry Douglas (Pearlie Mae), John Cowan (Working in the New Mine),The Brother Boys have all recorded Ed songs. His records have been released on such notable record labels as Philo, Zu-Zazz and Sugar Hill.

Chimney Smoke (Fall 2022)

Record Shop 2017

Little Egypt And Other Attractions 2011

Brier Visions 2004

The Brother Boys 1988, 1990, 1992, 1996

Sweet Light 1982

Sidewalk Shoes 1977