Sycamore Hollow

Wednesday 11:00am

Downtown Stage

Born out of the rich musical landscape of the Appalachians, Sycamore Hollow has built upon that legacy to create a sound all their own.  Hailing from Southwest Virginia, the traditional sounds of the mountains form the core of Sycamore Hollow’s sound, but the band has expanded to include elements from multiple genres.  Mixing the sounds of bluegrass, country, folk, and Americana, Sycamore Hollow has created a diverse and engaging musical experience .

Originally founded in 2013, the band has persevered through lineup changes and years of hiatus. Like the phoenix, Sycamore Hollow has risen from the ashes and is now stronger and more dynamic than ever before.  With their Appalachian Roots on full display, the band has crafted a unique and eclectic stage show that’s guaranteed to make you stomp your foot and fill your glass. You will most definitely be left in a Sycamore Hollow frame of mind.